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About T.W. Richards

T. W. Richards was born January 9, 1929 in the small town of Custer South Dakota. As a young boy he derived a great deal of pleasure in exploring the beautiful Black Hills on countless hiking, hunting, and fishing treks. These expeditions helped foster T.W.'s lifelong love of and respect for nature that, in turn, facilitated the development of his keen sense of observation. Even at a very early age, he demonstrated a real flair for being able to capture the inherent being of an animal and bring it to "life" on paper via his sketches.

Essentially a self-taught artist, T.W. has spent the better part of the past five decades studying the movement, form, and habits of the whitetail, mule deer, wapiti, bighorn ram, bison, beaver, and pronghorn antelope. The majority of his body of work is created in the field while observing the various animal subjects in their natural setting, fondly referred to by T.W. as his "old stomping grounds," which include many fauna-rich areas of the Black Hills such as Dutch Flats and Trojan. T.W.'s drawings and field studies have also provided the foundation for his lost wax bronzes (first casting in 1976).

T.W.'s originals have been displayed and sold throughout the greater Black Hills area. He was juried into a gallery showing in Thoreau, New Mexico that highlighted several of his bronzes. T.W. has also produced a number of commissioned pieces. He most recently participated in the Deer, Dough, and Van Gogh fundraiser with his entry of the "Experienced Buck." T.W. has garnered regional acclaim and is well recognized for his own unique style. Although private collectors have enjoyed and appreciated his originals for years, no limited edition prints of T.W.'s work have heretofore been produced.*

T.W. currently lives in Lead, South Dakota with his wife Cheryl. He divides his time between working in the studio and sketching out in the field at one of his favorite "stomping grounds." His goal has always remained basically the same-- to create drawings that invite you, the viewer, to step into a grassy Dutch Flats-like meadow on a fine October day, lean up against an old tree stump, and then suddenly "see" a big whitetail buck bounding out of a grove of quaking aspens.

*Dutch Flats Wildlife Art Gallery is proud to be the exclusive purveyor of South Dakota wildlife artist T.W. Richards' first limited edition print series (printed by Blackberry Press 2004).


"Since childhood I have had a great interest in sketching. One of my first memories is of a whitetail deer I saw when I was five years old. I can still recall the deer's stance and the light condition. Although I have seen hundreds of deer since, that first 'seeing' has not dimmed."

–T.W. Richards